Feelfree Kayaks – Tomorrow’s Kayak Today


It doesn’t take long to notice what sets Feelfree kayaks apart. With unique color combinations and the most innovative standard features, Feelfree kayaks have redefined paddling as we know it today. However, these innovations weren’t developed overnight. It’s all a result of our attention to customer feedback combined with over 30 years of design and development experience, complemented by a high level of craftsmanship. The modern evolution of kayak design has just begun.


Wheel in the Keel

One of Feelfree’s most defining features is the Wheel in the Keel. Transporting your Feelfree kayak to and from the water as well as loading and unloading is a breeze with the innovative Wheel in the Keel.

Models: All Kayak Models


Unique dynamics colors

Sure, image isn’t everything but it helps to have the coolest looking kayak on the water. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of color combinations such as our popular “Pink Camo”, playful “Melon” and patriotic “Regional” options.

Models: All Kayak Models


Center console

Kayak anglers can never have enough easy access storage. The console also serves as an additional mounting area and drink holder.

Models: Moken and Lure Series


Molded in handles

Kayak handles are typically tethered with a piece of rope or bungee that can break. With Feelfree’s durable molded in handles, you’ll never have to worry about losing a grip or breaking a handle again.

Models: All Kayak Models


Oval hinge hatch

Rubber cover hatches are great but when your adventures call for more extreme action that requires quick hull access, Feelfree’s Oval Hinge Hatch is the answer.

Models: Moken 10 lite, Moken 12.5 and 14 and Lure Series


Paddle keeper system

Whether you need to store your paddle during transport or to just want to put it down to take a break on the water, you can rest assured it will be secure with Feelfree’s Paddle Keeper System.

Models: All Kayak Models except the Move


Uni-track system

A breakthrough in kayak fishing customization which allows for quick and easy mounting of kayak fishing accessories to your Feelfree kayak without drilling any holes.

Models: Moken 10 lite, Moken 12.5 and 14 and the Lure Series