Parts and more


Drain Plug

Drain plugs are important for providing an access point to your kayak’s hull to drain out any water that might have found it’s way in. Feelfree Drain Plugs are threaded and have a retaining tab to keep the plug in place when unscrewed.


Wheel In The Keel Kits

The Feelfree Wheel in the Keel is made to last but if you happen need a new one, we offer replacement kits. The kit includes a replacement wheel, axle and mounting hardware. Make sure you you ask your dealer for the specific kit made for your kayak model.



Add a Feelfree Skeg to your Nomad or Gemini kayak and instantly find more directional stability out on the water. The skeg easily installs to the rear grab handle of your kayak but maintains the correct shape so that you can still carry the boat unhindered. This is a great addition for those looking to improve tracking and the efficiency of their paddle stroke.


Thigh straps

The Feelfree Thigh Straps fit over a paddler’s thighs and knees and provide extra control over their kayak in rough water. Designed with comfort in mind, these tapered neoprene straps are built with plenty of padding and are fully adjustable.


Paddle leash

Regardless of water conditions, paddlers of all skill levels will appreciate the security the Feelfree Paddle Leash provides. Stop worrying about your paddle going overboard and start enjoying your time on the water. Whether you’re taking on a rough tide or just wanting to put down your paddle cast or take a picture, a paddle leash will ensure your motor on the water doesn’t go floating away.


Scupper plugs

Scupper plugs for every Feelfree kayak. They come in grey and blue finish.